Sico, with you since the 1960’s

​Sico's main activity is manufacturing professional cutlery: Kitchen knives; Professional knives; Cutlery; Spatulas; Forks; Pocketknives; Blades for the food industry.

Presently, our company has a modern 8000m2 production area, made up of the most recent technologically innovative machines, including laser, CNC, and robotics systems.

Currently, the staff has 50 professionals producing 4000 pieces daily, being one of the main manufacturers of professional knives. Given the extraordinary quality of their wide range, about 2000 different models, their knives are used and recognized all over the world.

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Santoku knife with perforations
• High cutting power, with less pressure on the knife.
• Special perforations cut food
in a clean and effortless manner.


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