Mission and Values

Sico, with you since the 1960’s


Due to the extraordinary quality and wide range of goods, our knives are used and recognized all over the world. For this reason, clients are the centre of our attention and the main challenge of SICO begins by fully satisfying clients, offering competitive products with the highest level of quality, practices, that streamline the needs of our clients and the readiness of our services.

To this end, we commit to the following:

 1.  Careful choice of the best raw materials.
 2.  Continuous training and motivation of its staff.
 3.  Design, Research & Development.
 4.  Quality systems and environmental protection.
 5.  Close relationship with the client through direct and personalized contact.
 6.  Presence at fairs and exhibitions.
 7.  After sales service.

All the
big guys have

Knives of excellence


We value the integrity of the manufacturing process and the offering of products we put on the market. We are dedicated to what we do and we do it with knowledge and experience. We have highly qualified technicians who are passionate and dedicated to the development of their jobs every day, making SICO the best products of the best Portuguese brand