Sico, with you since the 1960’s

Sico's main activity is manufacturing professional cutlery: Kitchen knives; Professional knives; Cutlery; Spatulas; Forks; Pocketknives; Blades for the food industry.

SICO was founded in the mid-60’s by people with vast experience in the production and sale of cutlery in a town near Benedita. Its main activity was manufacturing pocketknives and handcrafted products.

Following the success achieved in the production of pocketknives and handcrafted products, the company felt the need to find a place with a greater capacity for the production of its goods, and therefore SICO was transferred to Benedita in the 70's, a region known worldwide for its strong traditions in the cutlery production. 

At that time, SICO started producing kitchen knives, which led to a considerable expansion in its market, resulting in the need to strengthen its production capacity.

The market shortage in the 1980’s caused SICO to extend its line-ups to produce professional knives (butcher, cooking and cutlery), which were aimed at different sectors. Since then, SICO has continuously modernized and expanded production tactics with the constant introduction of the latest technologies.

With more than half a century of activity, SICO is recognized worldwide for its competence, consistency and versatility in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market.

SICO currently has about 50 professionals on its staff producing 4000 pieces daily with around 2000 different models, being one of the main manufacturers of professional knives. 

Our company currently has a modern 8000m2 production area, made up of the most recent technologically innovative machines, including laser, CNC, and robotics systems.


Of Experience and Technology, for a Perfect cut

Clients are the centre of our attention.

Sico's main challenge is the total satisfaction of its clients by providing competitive products with the highest level of quality and service readiness.

To this end, we commit to the following:

  • Careful choice of the best raw materials.
  • Continuous training and motivation of its staff.
  • Design, Research & Development.
  • Quality systems and environmental protection.
  • Close relationship with the client through direct
        and personalized contact.
  • Presence at fairs and exhibitions.
  • After sales service.